Black History Valentine Box

Black History Valentine Box


This is the first and only Black History Valentine Box Set you’ll ever find!!! Why? Because love, like our history should be celebrated EVERYDAY!!!

Each box includes 20 cards (2 of each style), 20 bright white envelopes, and 1 keepsake poster for your little one to serve as a reminder that they can be absolutely anything they want to be.


The set features 10 prominent black leaders and trailblazers, new and old, with an inspirational message relating to their field on the front and a fact about them on the back.

Included are:

Barack Obama - President

Dr. Daniel Hail Williams - Surgeon

Elizabeth Catlett - Artist

John Wesley Gilbert - Archaeologist

Dr. Marie Daly - Chemist

Mae Jemison - Astronaut/Scientist

Michael Jackson - Entertainer

Tracy Reese - Fashion Designer

Wendell Oliver Scott - NASCAR Racer

Willa Brown - Pilot

Sized 4.75x3.25

Poster 14 x 0.25 - Comes Folded

***Limited Quantity Available. Ships Feb. 8***

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