A B O U T  T H E  A R T I S T

When I was younger, my father used to buy us black greeting cards. At the time, I thought they were super corny but without fail, on every major holiday, he would give them to us with a black image gracing the cover and a message on the inside that I could relate to. The cards were sold at an independent black bookstore that closed down shortly after my mother moved us to California. I never forgot those cards or the way they made me feel growing up.

Since having my son, I've had a burning itch to bring those feelings back so that I could share them with him. The urge of wanting to recreate that and (re)inspire others with positive and relatable images of black people eventually overcame me.

While filling a void, I decided to spawn a personality that people could relate to; a voice that is honest, refreshing and real. I'm using advice and motivating/inspiring quotes that were offered to me. Even some of the influential people I meet will be written in this journey. Ultimately, this is the world illustrated and narrated by me.

**These are the thoughts of Ms. James perfectly put together by Jasmine Walker, Author "The Baddest Kid in the Sixth Grade" and my Shero.  ;-)